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Why Do Businesses Need a Mobile App?

Why Do Businesses Need a Mobile App?

For most industries a mobile strategy is no longer an option, it is a requirement. Smartphones are now outselling computers threefold and the mobile app market is growing exponentially. Consequently, creating a responsive and engaging environment through mobile strategy is now considered essential for fostering a positive customer experience.

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Top 8 Reasons to Improve Patient Communications

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The future of healthcare is being shaped largely by the patient engagement evolution. In this new world of health care, effective patient communications and engagement will continue to control the course of success. It is all about the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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Content is Key: A Guide to Content Auditing and Design

‘Content is Key’: Guide to Content Audit and Design

In today’s marketplace, a digital presence is considered crucial for business success. ‘Content is key’ has been an all-important mantra for businesses building and maintaining a strong and engaging presence. Investing in content auditing and design ensures that companies can effectively meet the needs of their target audience.

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Why Every Business Needs an Internal Communications Platform

Why Every Business Needs an Internal Communications Platform

As the market enters a period of rapid growth in entrepreneurship and technological advancement, businesses need to embrace a holistic digital approach. With the implementation of an internal communications platform, companies can digitise and streamline workflows, increasing their overall efficiency and productivity.

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How to get Executive Buy-In for your Mobile App Idea

How to get Executive Buy-In for Mobile Apps

Due to the rapid growth of smartphone usage, and the ever-changing consumer behaviour, mobile apps are now considered an essential part of business strategy. However, attaining executive buy-in for mobile app development can be an extremely challenging task.

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Connected Cars: Revolutionising the Driving Experience

Connected Cars Revolutionising the Driving Experience

The automotive industry is on the verge of a digital revolution, with the race to build the fully connected car already underway. The convergence of vehicles, communications and technology is driving this industry transformation. Ultimately, the goal of connected cars is to provide a personalised smart driving experience that will redefine transportation as we know it.

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Smart Cities, Smart Citizens, Smart Apps

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens, Smart Apps

The drive towards smart cities is accelerating in major cities across the world. Governments and private enterprises are becoming increasingly eager to be a part of the technology-driven push for more sustainable, efficient, clean and safe cities. This means developing smart city solutions that are citizen-centric and offer real value.

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Build vs Buy: Turnkey Solutions or Custom Software?

Build vs. Buy: When To Choose Turnkey Solutions Over Custom Software

The build vs buy is a common dilemma faced by businesses implementing new enterprise software. Balancing immediate business needs with long-term growth is both paramount and challenging. Ultimately, it comes down to devoting significant resources to custom software development or leveraging turnkey solutions.

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Leveraging Mobile: The Future of Patient Engagement

Leveraging Mobile to Improve Patient Engagement & Reduce Costs

Mobile is becoming ubiquitous in the Healthcare industry, playing a significant role as the industry continues to adopt a patient-centred approach. Healthcare leaders are now seeking to improve the patient experience through tailoring patient engagement strategies to meet the expectations of their digital savvy patients. 

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The Importance of the Customer Journey for App Strategy

The Importance of the Mobile Customer Journey for App Strategy

As technology advances and the app ecosystem continues to grow, the power in the marketplace has shifted towards the consumer. Retaining and acquiring new customers poses a significant challenge for businesses. In order to stay competitive, businesses must offer a flawless customer experience by understanding the unique mobile customer journey.

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