Financial Communications Solution

Liquid State platform has the ability to drive financial communications for organisations across multiple channels offering an integrated communications solutions that delivers multi-channel content via cross-platform apps, web, and print. Organisations in financial industry can utilise the Liquid State platform to create apps which can act as a digital guidebooks covering financials laws and legislations such as financial laws related to businesses and corporations etc. This allows you to engage your audience with personalised, searchable content. Not to mention, measure success with actionable analytics and integrate with third-party platforms. An integrated financial communications solution built with the Liquid State Platform can transform your business across client engagement, reporting, internal communications and marketing.


Secure, user friendly & personalised solutions

Client engagement

Manage your stakeholder engagement with integrated communications built with Liquid state Platform. Engage clients by delivering personalised content and notifications via an integrated communications solution. Deliver segmented content to specific users, groups, or your entire audience. Integrate with third-party platforms and track engagement through inbuilt analytics. 




Apps created through Liquid State platform could be used as a channel to publish reports including financial reports, performance reports and company strategic plans etc. These multiple types of reports will be supported with interactive graphs, illustrations, tables and videos etc.  An integrated financial communications solution build with Liquid State Platform will allow your organisation to deliver interactive, searchable reports to clients and stakeholders.

Internal communications

The rise of internal communication apps have allowed organisations to communicate directly with employees and monitor their level of engagement in real time. Allow employees to stay in the loop with an integrated internal communications solutions. Securely deliver organisational communications with a private-facing app for your financial business. You can also integrate with your existing internal communications channels and platforms. 




An integrated marketing communications solution would allow your financial organisation to deliver personalised communications directly to your key stakeholders including clients, investors, and partners etc. Publish the latest marketing communications to segmented audiences and monitor actionable analytics. The ability to integrate widgets can allow financial organisations to provide value-added services to the end consumer. Widgets such as ROI Calculator, Savings Calculator and Spending Trackers etc along with 3rd-party integrations allows financial organisations to market their companies by providing value to end customers.  

Integrated financial communications

Deliver key financial communications across departments, clients and stakeholders



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