Content Management Platform

Carbon Editor, the single source of truth for content management allows you to create, edit, and deliver structured content that is optimised for cross-platform apps, web, and print. You can also manage existing content by importing XML files and RSS feeds. Work collaboratively by assigning roles for editors, designers, and admin within your team. Then, once you’re ready to export your content, you’re able to apply styling to optimise content for all formats.

Easily create omnichannel content 

A cloud-based Content Management Platform for developers and business professionals
to create a wide variety of content, including:

        • ✔ App content

            • ✔ Case studies

                • ✔ Instructional guides

                    • ✔ Web content

                        • ✔ Blog posts

                            • ✔ Catalogues

                                • ✔ Print materials 

                                    • ✔ Policy documents

                                        • ✔ Organisational news

                                      Carbon Editor features

                                      Carbon Editor gives you the power to create content
                                      in a structured and integrated workflow.



                                      Omnichannel content

                                      Create content once and deliver across apps, web, print, digital display, and more. 


                                      API driven

                                      Full APIs allow technical users to operate Carbon Editor as a headless CMS. 


                                      Centralised workflow

                                      A cloud-based workflow allows content creators to work on the latest document version or template. 


                                      Multiple import types

                                      Carbon Editor allows you to create content from scratch or import existing content via XML and RSS feeds. 


                                      Content modelling

                                      Document templates and granular content provides authors with structure and editors with control. 


                                      Multiple export types

                                      Export Carbon Editor content to apps via Ubiquity Dashboard, web, print, and more. 


                                      Custom styling

                                      Styling made easy. Content created in Carbon Editor is XML-based and is styled upon export. 

                                      liquid_state_carbon_editor_secure-platformSecure platform

                                      Your content is safe with us. The Liquid State Platform uses HTTPS and SSL to secure communications. 


                                      Collaborative approach

                                      Editors and authors are able to collaboratively work together in a focused writing environment. 

                                      Integrate your communications

                                      Transform your business with Carbon Editor and the Liquid State Platform


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