The GasFields Commission Queensland (GFCQ) is a government agency that aims to facilitate sustainable coexistence though being a vital reference source for landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry.

The Problem

Due to the presence of a variety of stakeholders, it was challenging for GFCQ to provide an even ground to all the stakeholders. In order to improve facilitation and encourage dialogue between various stakeholders, GFCQ wanted a public facing integrated communications solution that linked all stakeholders by providing a common platform.

The Solution

One central and integrated communications platform for key industry stakeholders to communicate and engage and interact directly with interested users.

GasApp Aus - Mobile App ScreensAn ecosystem where stakeholders can increase targeted information exchange, improve awareness, make measured decisions and increase brand perceptions, with:

  • Direct and targeted communications channel: Cross-platform apps to communicate to an audience of engaged community members & landholders, on their device of choice. With the ability to drill down and engage with cohorts based on location, interest, user type, and more.
  • A Partner Hub dashboard: An easy and intuitive platform that allows partners to upload content directly to the app. The Partner Hub also allows partners to track communication, analytics, and complaints.
  • On-the-fly document distribution: PDF documents can be uploaded and sent to the audience, or selected members of the audience, within a few clicks. The content is searchable and optimised for mobile view.
  • Push notification messaging: Push notifications can be sent directly to mobiles and tablets to keep the audience up-to-date. Personalised and segmented notifications can be delivered to the audience based on their user profiles. Notifications can be scheduled to send in the future and the history of sent notifications can also be viewed.
  • Actionable analytics: Analytics to do with the app, your audience’s interactions with your content, most popular in-app search terms, and more can be viewed and actioned. Dynamic visualisations can also be viewed or the data downloaded.

The Result

The GasApp Solution, including the GasApp and Partner Hub, were built using off-the-shelf Liquid State platform features and functionality, as well as custom-developed components. These custom components are integrated into platform-driven frameworks, to produce the final solution.


GasApp Aus– a cross-platform app for iOS and Android that delivers customised industry information, including a compensation estimator, with notifications, documents, and reporting tools.
Partner Hub – a simple web administration dashboard for managing users, uploading content, sending notifications and viewing analytics.


GasApp Australia - Smart Community App
GasApp Australia - Partner Hub

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