Connected Car & IoT Solutions

Liquid State Platform provides a unique opportunity for automotive industry players to provide an integrated communications solution built around the principle of connected cars and Internet of Things (IoT). The advent of connected cars has the ability to revolutionise the automotive industry and this offers a unique opportunity to key players in the industry to capitalise on this phenomenon. Industry reports have stated that Integrated connective solutions will lead the connected car segment by 50% and it has been predicted that by 2020 there will quarter billion connected vehicles on the roads.

User engagement

Integrated connected solutions ensure that users, both drivers and passengers stay informed and engaged. Deliver personalised, segmented content to users with the aid of geo-location. Allow users to create profiles based on interests, location and more. So the next time your customer is on a road-trip, our intelligent connected platform will deliver geo-location based push notifications about local shops and service stations etc. This will engage driver by providing a contextualise information rich ecosystem as they navigate their way through life. 




Publish your latest marketing communications and deliver tailor-made notifications to specific users, segments or your entire audience. Engage your audience with information related to your latest products and services and utilise native apps as new marketing channel. Increase the reach of your marketing communications by adding new channels and integrate your marketing efforts across all channels to ensure that you maximise the potential of your communications. 

Manuals & Guides

Deliver your latest manuals, guides and organisational news as interactive, personalised and searchable content. Engage your audience by providing manuals related to nature of business including car safety manuals, Roadside Assistance guides, company policies, insurance guides or even a holiday check-list. The ability to deliver content in a seamless way provides a unique opportunity  to create an integrated communications solution to reach your audience across apps, web and print. 


Integration of services


Transform your business by adding interactive widgets and 3rd party integrations. Deliver extra value added services that could give you an edge over your competitors. Engage your audience with responsive maps of a nearest auto mechanic, provide a loan rates calculator or even with simple integrations such as requesting a Roadside assistance through a simple tap right from your app.

Segmented, user friendly & personalised solutions

The Liquid State Platform makes connected cars more personal, intelligent and well-informed.



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