Patient Engagement Platform

BulletCreate Optimal Care Plan
Establish optimal care plans for each medical pathway e.g. prostate cancer, breast cancer etc.

BulletCreate Patient Engagement Pathway
Create a pathway grouping the communication rules that align with the optimal care plan.

BulletOrganise Communications
Create or source communication pieces (messages, documents, videos etc.) to support various stages of the care plan.

BulletCreate Communication Rules
Create a set of communication rules detailing ‘who’ will see ‘what’ and ‘when’, delivering the communication pieces.

Bullet 5Match Patient with Pathway
Adding a new patient to the system is a simple matter of matching their presentation with the suitable pathway.

Liquid States Patient Engagement Pathway


Bring together all patient facing communications into the one place. With the Patient Engagement Platform, you can deliver messages, documents, forms, videos, health widgets and much more to your patients.
Fast track implementation with the platforms built-in templates, reusable content bank, version tracking and ability to import existing content.

                                          Onboarding                                           Onboarding

Personalise & Segment

Every patient’s journey is unique. With the Patient Engagement Platform, you can deliver personalised and segmented communications based on the patient pathways. Combine sophisticated app onboarding with clinical patient information to deliver personal content streams that support patients through their journey. 

Patient Pathway Rules


Align all clinical communications with the optimal care plan for each individual patient. Track and automatically deliver new content as patients move through each stage of the clinical pathway. Support patients through the three phases of patient journey i.e.preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative and align all clinical communications according to unique patient pathways.

VIDEO: Create a Patient Pathway


The Patient Engagement Platform is an interoperable platform that works with and leverages your existing workflows and information systems to create custom patient engagement pathways.

Patient Pathway RulesMaintain Care 

The Patient Engagement Platform takes on a patient-centric approach aimed at empowering patients to be actively involved in every stage of their health care journey; from diagnosis to post-treatment management.

Push Notifications Deliver 

The Patient Engagement Platform enables you to deliver true patient-centric communication on an individual level; empowering you to provide rich personalised content experiences to every patient.

VIDEO: Monitor Delivery of Communications


The Patient Engagement Platform enables publishing of content for patients across various channels including native apps, web, print and digital signages, drastically improving efficiency and productivity. 

The future of patient-centred health care…

Engage, educate and empower patients and care teams across the care-continuum with our new off-the-shelf solution, PEP Health.

The PEP Health platform enables healthcare professionals to create, manage and deliver a range of patient communications from messaging, documents and videos to sophisticated patient support pathways which are staged, sequenced and personalised to a patient’s health journey.

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