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Modernising Healthcare, One App at a Time

Modernising Healthcare One App at a Time

Smartphones continue to grow in ubiquity. Mobile apps are now being used to complement pre-existing systems in healthcare to improve the quality of care. As a result, advances in healthcare apps and technology are revolutionising the industry and patient-centred care.

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Digitising Healthcare: The Patient-Driven Journey

Digitising Healthcare: The Patient-Driven Journey

In this evolving market, healthcare providers that deliver the best patient experience will come out on top. In order to achieve success and sustainability in the future, many organisations in the healthcare industry are turning to technology and digital transformation. The key is to implement new technology solutions that promote efficiency, improve quality of care, and increase… Read more »

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Digital Habits of Healthcare Professionals

Liquid-State-Digital Habits of Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare continues to evolve into a paperless industry as the professional reliance on mobile and tablet devices grow concurrently. In fact, majority of healthcare professionals are becoming ‘digital omnivores’ as they work between a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. 

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