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Empower sales staff

Give your sales team the competitive edge by delivering the latest, interactive content via cross-platform apps.


Generate leads

Turn leads into clients by delivering personalised content to individual users or entire segments. 

Liquid_State_benefits_monitor success

Measure success

Identify content with the highest engagement and create actionable audience segments. 


Integrated Sales Solution 

Integrated sales communications solutions built with the Liquid State Platform will allow your business to deliver personalised content via mobile and tablet apps. Transform your sales funnel by sharing relevant content with new leads and existing clients. Empower your sales staff with an interactive app and integrated communications solution to showcase product demos, videos and the latest catalogues at their next pitch. Then, your team can track user engagement by allowing potential clients to download your branded app after the pitch.

An integrated sales solution built with the Liquid State Platform will allow your business to send personalised content directly to leads and existing clients, including:

  • ✔ Product information
  • ✔ Blog posts
  • eBook content
  • ✔ Case studies
  • ✔ Video advertising
  • ✔ Content marketing 
  • ✔ Online forms
  • ✔ Sales reports
  • ✔ Website content

Omnichannel & API driven

Improve your closed loop marketing by creating and managing the latest content with Carbon Editor. Allow your marketing, sales, IT and communications teams to work collaboratively. Deliver API driven content via apps, web, print, digital display and more.



Cross-platform, native apps

Deliver interactive communications by building cross-platform native apps for iOS (Apple), Android and web without writing a single line of code. Ensure your content stays up to date across all devices.

Segmented delivery

Engage potential leads and existing clients with segmented content delivery across your integrated sales solution. Personalise communications by sharing targeted content and notifications with individuals, segments or your entire audience.



Inbuilt analytics

Improve your sales strategy by tracking and measuring user engagement within your sales app content. Create actionable analytics to deliver relevant content based on reading history, location and more.

Third-party integrations

Connect your digital sales channels with the Liquid State Platform through Synapsis Integrations. Integrate your workflow and channels across a range of popular apps and platforms.


Integrate your sales communications

Transform your sales and marketing with the Liquid State Platform



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