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Leveraging the Power of Patient-Generated Health Data

Leveraging the Power of Patient-Generated Health Data

With the increase in healthcare consumerism, there is a growing awareness of the need to involve patients in their care. As technology continues to make health records more accessible, it provides an opportunity for greater transparency, engagement and collaboration through patient-generated health data.

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Why Healthcare Needs Digital Health Apps

Why Healthcare Needs Digital Health Apps

Digital health is introducing new approaches to the management of health conditions. Research has demonstrated significant growth in the impact that digital health is having on patients and healthcare overall. The adoption of digital health tools, such as mobile health apps, holds great promise with evidence of these tools playing a positive role in both patient… Read more »

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Modernising Healthcare, One App at a Time

Modernising Healthcare One App at a Time

Smartphones continue to grow in ubiquity. Mobile apps are now being used to complement pre-existing systems in healthcare to improve the quality of care. As a result, advances in healthcare apps and technology are revolutionising the industry and patient-centred care.

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Digitising Healthcare: The Patient-Driven Journey

Digitising Healthcare: The Patient-Driven Journey

In this evolving market, healthcare providers that deliver the best patient experience will come out on top. In order to achieve success and sustainability in the future, many organisations in the healthcare industry are turning to technology and digital transformation. The key is to implement new technology solutions that promote efficiency, improve quality of care, and increase… Read more »

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A Top 5 Hacking Health Solution: Compania

Liquid State at Hacking Health

Congratulations to the team from Liquid State and QUT Foundry who made it to the top 5 at this years Hacking Health @ HIC  in Brisbane. We thank the QUT Foundry for the opportunity to test the power of the Liquid State Platform to facilitate rapid prototyping of their innovative connected healthcare solution, Com.pania. Leveraging the platform,… Read more »

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Top 8 Reasons to Improve Patient Communications

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The future of healthcare is being shaped largely by the patient engagement evolution. In this new world of health care, effective patient communications and engagement will continue to control the course of success. It is all about the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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Leveraging Mobile: The Future of Patient Engagement Strategies

Leveraging Mobile to Improve Patient Engagement & Reduce Costs

Mobile is becoming ubiquitous in the Healthcare industry, playing a significant role as the industry continues to adopt a patient-centred approach. Healthcare leaders are now seeking to improve the patient experience through tailoring patient engagement strategies to meet the expectations of their digital savvy patients. 

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Update: Liquid State Launches New Patient Engagement Platform

Liquid State at conhIT Berlin 2017

Last month, Liquid State attended the 2017 Berlin ConhIT event, the biggest health information technology show in Europe. It is considered a must-attend event for both decision makers from health organisations, big and small, and health technology companies wanting to showcase their innovative products.

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Improving Patient Engagement in Hospitals

Liquid State- patient engagement

A new study by Accenture shows that creating a superior consumer experience not only improves patient engagement in hospitals but also correlates to 50 percent higher hospital margins. In fact, at Liquid State we see the social and economic value in improving patient engagement in hospitals through apps and integrated communications solutions. 

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