Integrated Communications in Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities focuses on the investment in human and social capital, and information and communicationS technology (ICT) infrastructure to provide foundations for sustainable growth and high quality of life. The Liquid State Platform offers an integrated workflow from content creation to app development, to app user management. This allows government departments and local councils to engage an audience with personalised, omnichannel, and searchable content.  

Liquid State is proud to be powering smarter cities with the new Logan City Council app. With the new Logan City Council app, City of Logan, citizens can enjoy a convenient way to stay informed and report council related maintenance issues that arise in their neighbourhood.

Secure, user friendly & personalised solutions

The Liquid State Platform makes smart cities more sustainable, personal and informed.

Integrated Communications Platform

Citizen engagement

Citizens should be at the heart of all communications and efforts related to smart cities and a citizen-centric approach is essential for the future of smart cities. The key is to understand the needs and challenges faced by citizens and then design solutions based on the opportunities that represent those particular needs and challenges.

Integrated communications solutions ensure citizens stay informed with the latest content. Deliver personalised, searchable content to specific users, segments or your entire audience. Allow users to create profiles based on interests, location and more. Deliver value to citizens with information that not only engages the users and provide them with an information-rich ecosystem but also have a impact on the quality of life with smarter parking options, reduced noise pollution and increased mobility.




Publish your latest marketing communications and notifications to specific users, segments or your entire audience. Engage your target market by delivering personalised content via native apps and measure success with inbuilt analytics. 

Internal communications

Share up to date, organisational communications securely with a private-facing app. Engage employees with personalised content as part of this smart city internal communications solution. Deliver communications based on roles, departments, location and more. 




Transform reporting across your smart city by publishing new and archival reports in an interactive format. In fact, you can also make your content searchable within your integrated communications solution. This ensures your reporting is accessible for all stakeholders no matter where they are. 

Workplace health & safety

Engage employees with an integrated workplace health & safety solution as part of your smart city. Ensure staff stay informed about the latest policies and procedures with inbuilt forms and interactive content. Monitor engagement by creating actionable audience segments and analytics. 


Integrate communications as part of your smart city

Deliver personalised communications to citizens, communities, and businesses



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