With our unique and innovative Patient Engagement Platform, we developed a Patient Communication and Support System that enables remote patient communications using a secure mobile health app. This system is designed to engage, educate and empower patients by improving patient communications for better health outcomes and experiences.

Globally, COVID-19 has highlighted the need to effectively engage and communicate with patients regardless of their location or time. As a consequence of the pandemic and social distancing protocols, patient access to care has been restricted and organisations have experienced an increasing need to communicate remotely with patients to:

  • Coordinate care effectively and efficiently to provide patients and their families with the information needed to overcome anxiety, mitigate any confusion about their condition, and avoid panic.
  • Provide remote support for patients who are understandably fearful of accessing healthcare facilities. 
  • Enable secure messaging, remote calling and virtual visits for patients to facilitate in-home care and provide cost effective interventions that will reduce the load on the healthcare system.
  • Enable remote tracking and monitoring of patient progress, ensuring their safety and reducing potential transmission.
  • Involve and engage patients in their care in a setting where they feel comfortable and secure from exposure to infection.

Our Patient Communication and Support System enables healthcare teams to provide personalised, patient-centered, in-home care. In an infectious pandemic where healthcare systems could potentially be overwhelmed by large numbers of patients, remote communications and monitoring supported by a secure mobile app will help reduce the traffic through healthcare facilities and potential transmission of infections.

This type of solution is particularly relevant for patients who may have had contact with infected individuals; are either asymptomatic or only showing mild symptoms; or are in quarantine. Patients experiencing anxiety can connect remotely with their doctors, who can empathise and provide all the necessary information about their condition.

The System ensures better patient outcomes and experiences by:

  • Providing seamless care from consultation to rehabilitation with an integrated and comprehensive 360-degree view of the entire patient journey.
  • Enhancing collaboration through system integration to eliminate repetitive processes and enable clinicians to make faster and better decisions for better quality care. 
  • Enabling patients to effectively connect to all contact points in their healthcare team with a secure app.
  • Engaging patients with consistent communication to help them develop a better understanding of their condition and a willingness to manage their own health and care.

    Patient Communications & Support App Screens

    Solution Overview

    Unlike most healthcare information landscapes that consist of complex disparate systems with no capability to directly exchange patient information, the Patient Communication and Support System is an integrated communications solution that supports any infectious or non-infectious health condition, including COVID-19

    All patient facing communications are aligned with the optimal care plan and consolidated with our Patient Engagement Platform to enable the delivery of personalised, omnichannel and searchable content through a secure mobile health app directly to the patient’s device. Communications are segmented based on communication rules. 

    Inbuilt analytics enable the healthcare team to track and monitor patient engagement through a clinical dashboard that consolidates information from a variety of sources. The dashboard provides the healthcare team with actionable information and a holistic view of the patient population, their conditions, and their progress. This helps enhance the decision-making process, enables patient tracking both in facility and remotely, and improves clinical operations. 

    Patient Support Dashboard Analytics

    Client/Patient Population Review Hub

    • Summary of client/patient health status and situation for selected conditions.
    • Summary of client/patient population and compliance with scheduled activities and tasks.

    Scheduled Client Activities

    • Snapshot of scheduled activities and tasks by client/patient as well as individual compliance. 
    • View of alerts triggered by condition parameters set by the clinical team.
    • Reminders are triggered for each activity/task if not met.
    • Comprehensive summary of health metrics for each client/patient.

    Patient Support Dashboard

    Patient Support Dashboard - Patient View

    Individual Client/Patient Profile

    • Comprehensive condition and health status.
    • Updated vital signs and trends.
    • Assessment and situation status.

    Symptom Viewer: A COVID-19 Support Solution

    Symptom Viewer Mobile App Screens


    Designed specifically for Coronavirus (COVID-19), Symptom Viewer is a flexible remote symptom recording and reporting app available on a range of phone and tablet devices.

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