Designed specifically for Coronavirus (COVID-19), Symptom Viewer is a flexible remote symptom recording and reporting app available on a range of phone and tablet devices.

The app supports the delivery of key communications, with a content library, push notifications and customisable self-reporting tools.

Benefits for…

Health Organisations

Record Symptoms
Conveniently record symptoms of individuals, locally or remotely, with a self-reporting process designed specifically for COVID-19. 

Flag ‘At Risk’ Individuals
Display and filter symptom data based on predetermined criteria to evaluate and identify those most ‘at risk’ of developing COVID-19.

Reduce Pressure on Health Systems
Support systems by enabling easier and faster processing while simultaneously reducing the stress on frontline healthcare workers. 

Collect Population Health Data
Easily collect and visualise important population health data relating to COVID-19. 

Encourage ‘At Home’ Care
Give users the ability to access the tools and information they need to support at-home care.

Support Recovery
Remotely record the symptoms and progress of those patients in quarantine.

Benefits for…


Record Symptoms
Conveniently record your symptoms with a self-reporting process designed specifically for Coronavirus. 

Understand Your Symptoms
Get the information you need to help you understand your symptoms. 

Access Trusted Information
Get access to reliable information about the Coronavirus from trusted sources. 

Review Progress
Create a personal timeline and review the development of your symptoms.

Share Your Record
Share a record of your symptoms with your family, carers and circle of trust.

Get Support
Get access to the right contacts and channels for support regarding Coronavirus.

Symptom Viewer Mobile App Screens


Designed with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in mind, Symptom Viewer can also be customised to suit a range of other health scenarios. With flexible self-reported measures, symptoms lists and forms can be adapted to best fit the current need.


Manage and deliver communications with a simple, easy to use clinical admin dashboard. Publish a variety of content directly to the app including messages, documents, forms, videos, health widgets and much more.


Symptom Viewer Clinic Admin Dashboard


Keep app users informed with the latest updates, tools and authorised health advice through a dedicated channel. Encourage engagement and activation by sending push notifications directly to their devices.


Symptom Viewer Mobile App: Key Screens


Visualise, filter and record symptom data in the clinical admin dashboard.


Symptom Viewer Dashboard Reporting


Symptom Viewer is a standalone solution built on top of an interoperable platform. Therefore, if a more comprehensive approach is required, Symptom Viewer has the ability to be integrated with patient administration systems and other existing workflows.

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