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How Publishing Can Prosper in a Mobile-First World

How Publishing Can Prosper in a Mobile-First World

As technology advances, it will continue to reshape the digital publishing industry and the way in which we consume content. Mobile is now the platform of choice, with the number of people consuming content on mobile devices continuing to rise. In order to successfully compete in the industry, publishing strategy needs to focus on a… Read more »

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Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Leveraging the Liquid State Platform, Eyeline Publishing was able to create an interactive digital publishing solution for their magazine through a content-rich mobile app. This empowered Eyeline Publishing to provide their users with an engaging and immersive in-app experience.

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Going Digital: How Digital Strategy Can Improve CSR

Digital Publishing saves papers

The integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), strategy and brand identity has become an integral part of business. Organisations are now leveraging technologies, and digital strategy, to tackle the bigger issues surrounding CSR.

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Document Versions, Dashboard Improvements, and more…

Document Versions

One of the most powerful features of the Liquid State platform is the ability to instantly publish content to your apps. And there’s some good news… Our content publishing system just got better! As of the 31st of May 2016, the Liquid State system includes a comprehensive document versioning system.

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Create or join publishing projects on


2 minute read Introducing a simple solution for gathering the right people to get your publishing project off the ground.

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ISBNs and other fun acronyms


If you want to sell a book that you have written, whether through a publisher or independently, then you will almost certainly need an ISBN. You’ve definitely seen one before, even if you didn’t know what you were looking at. The problem is, with digital books becoming more prevalent in the book market, you don’t… Read more »

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