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Introducing a simple solution for gathering the right people to get your publishing project off the ground.

Over the past decade, a technological revolution has transformed the publishing industry. The advent of digital publishing technologies has reshaped the publishing process, and provided content owners with new distribution opportunities. This transformation has brought on an onslaught of content. According to The Australian ISBN Agency, more content was published last year than ever before.

In light of this evolution, the Liquid State team has recently launched a new project commissioning website, designed to help publishers connect with creative industry professionals. is designed to provide publishers and team leaders with a better way of locating and engaging with creative freelancers. for Creative Professionals provides a free central resource pool for creative professionals looking to work on projects in the publishing industry. The platform is easy to use, and helps creatives to search and post for freelance positions in order to allow for maximum flexibility. The website requires users to create a public profile, upload a portfolio and list their current skills and interests within their field of work.

At this early stage, users might notice a distinct lack of available projects- but there’s no need to worry. is designed to send regular alerts to let registered users know when suitable project roles become available. Liquid state hopes that will be able to provide its members with the greatest amount of opportunities available in the industry.

For more information on using to find you’re a great project to work on, watch this video: for Publishers also provides a free central resource pool for publishers who are looking to hire creatives specifically on a project-by-project basis. Unlike other job listing websites, allows creatives to match their skills and interests against available project roles, resulting in the most suitable candidates being suggested for a project.

For more information on using to source freelancers for upcoming projects, watch this video: for Internal Projects can also be used as a collaborative tool for internal projects. Independent publishers or small businesses are able to use as a meeting point to help draft concepts, brainstorm ideas, and manage their projects. For this reason, the website has incorporated a feature which allows users to privately share projects with specific members, or those best suited to the role.


In building, the Liquid State team has embraced the advantages that web technologies can deliver. leads the way in collaborative innovation, attempting to connect creative professionals within the publishing industry on a global scale.

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