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How to Manage App Users


2 minute read To manage app users allows you to track user engagement with personalised analytics. Apps created with Liquid State Cloud can be public or private facing. Private apps contain content that is secured behind an app user login, whereas, a public facing app is available for public download from app stores.

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Measuring Basic Analytics with Liquid State Cloud


1 minute read Analytics are an essential aspect of any app strategy. An integrated analytics system allows your team to measure the return on investment for your app creation process. Apps created with Liquid State have in-built basic analytics for you to track the reach and engagement of your content.

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Building your App with Liquid State Cloud


2 minute read Liquid State specialises in cross-platform app creation and app content management. Therefore, apps built on Liquid State Cloud and Ubiquity can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Windows devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. This allows you to publish interactive and personalised content directly to your audience no matter their device.

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Importing Content to Liquid State Cloud


3 minute read Apps created with Liquid State allow users to publish a variety of content types as an app. This allows content creators to create once and deliver everywhere across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.  Our app creation and app content management system requires no coding as you’re able to upload content in… Read more »

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Create or join publishing projects on


2 minute read Introducing a simple solution for gathering the right people to get your publishing project off the ground.

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Augmented Reality apps revolutionising the book industry


Pop-up books have certainly come a long way since I was a child. Late last year, Australian animation company Resin brought author and illustrator Adam Stower’s children’s story ‘Two Left Feet’ to life, through an augmented reality app, enhancing storytime for youngsters and parents alike.

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Meet Dmitry Glukhovsky: author, journalist, futurist


Russian journalist and sci-fi novelist, Dmitry Glukhovsky, is the man behind the worldwide phenomenon ebook Metro 2033 that gave readers the ability to have a voice and become a part of the series. If you haven’t heard of it, Metro 2033 describes the consequences of atomic war, and follows the only survivors as they strive for… Read more »

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