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Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Leveraging the Liquid State Platform, Eyeline Publishing was able to create an interactive digital publishing solution for their magazine through a content-rich mobile app. This empowered Eyeline Publishing to provide their users with an engaging and immersive in-app experience.

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Custom vs Platform: Benefits of App Development Platform

Benefits of using platform development

Mobile strategy is crucial for future growth in any business. When it comes to app development, many companies are unsure whether to take a custom or platform development approach. Although the idea of building a custom app from scratch may be appealing, it is important to recognise the hidden costs associated with it.

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3 Reasons Native Apps Are Better For User Engagement

Native Apps vs Web Apps

Apps are continuing to dominate the mobile ecosystem, with the consumption and usage of mobile devices rapidly increasing. Herein lies the importance of implementing native apps as a strategy for improving user engagement. 

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