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Come on, show us your methodology


Most likely, if you are interested in the publishing industry, you have already read Hugh Howey’s advice to big publishers on how they should run their businesses. If nothing else, it was an entertaining article that, if put into practice, would see much of the glitz and glamour of traditional publishing stripped away and placed… Read more »

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Sometimes, it ain’t easy being indie


Publishing Perspectives contributor Tanja Tuma recently opened up the topic of the average independent publishing or self publisher’s ability (or rather, lack of) to sell in mortar-and-brick bookstores. The topic, found in the ‘Discussion’ section of the website, has garnered amongst the largest amount of user comments of any of the topics available for discussion…. Read more »

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Posted on October 23, 2013 in Archive

Won’t someone please think of the children? Kobo isn’t


In an interesting (ahem, I mean, immoral and disgusting) turn of events, WHSmith and Kobo have attracted a lot of negative attention in the last week after it was discovered that several erotic self-published titles appeared alongside children’s ebook titles in WHSmith search results for usually innocent words like ‘daddy’. The backlash from this has… Read more »

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Self publishers need gatekeepers, like it or not


Traditionally, publishers have always played the role of gatekeeper when it comes to what is presented to readers in the literary world. It’s quite simple: if the publisher reads your work and likes it or sees potential, you get published! Hooray! But what happens in the age of digital and self-publishing?

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Imaginary battles of history – John Green vs. self-publishing


Publishing industry commentary seems to be on a hair trigger right now. Tweets and blog posts are likely to be fired at someone before they’ve even finished speaking, much less been understood. The trouble with all this volatility is that its usually only the easy targets who get hit: agents, big publishers and anyone standing… Read more »

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