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Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Case Study: An Immersive Digital Publishing Solution

Leveraging the Liquid State Platform, Eyeline Publishing was able to create an interactive digital publishing solution for their magazine through a content-rich mobile app. This empowered Eyeline Publishing to provide their users with an engaging and immersive in-app experience.

The Client

Eyeline Publishing is a visual and contemporary arts magazine publisher based in Brisbane, Australia. The Eyeline Magazine provides critique and in-depth analysis of contemporary visual arts, craft and related media. With a strong readership of over 36,000, Eyeline offers a unique content mix including exhibition and book reviews, interviews of artists and designers, expert columns and articles on issues that are shaping the current visual arts landscape.

Eyeline covers events and exhibitions throughout Australia, the Asia-Pacific and internationally and is an essential source of information and ideas to all those interested in what’s new and what’s happening in the visual arts.

The Challenge

Having a worldwide readership, the team at Eyeline wanted to create an interactive digital experience for their magazine in order to make their presence felt on the digital frontThe challenge for Eyeline was to retain the complex design of the magazine while creating a user experience that is immersive and engaging.

The Solution

The Eyeline Magazine app was created by Eyeline Publishing using Liquid State’s code-free app development platform, and deployed across both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Liquid State Platform allowed Eyeline to make their app experience immersive with interactive exhibits, illustrations, reports and pictures etc. The Platform also supports multiple content types including InDesign, enabling the team at Eyeline to deliver an app that met their requirements.

Eyeline Magazine App

The Liquid State Platform provides Eyeline Publishing staff and interns with a user-friendly interface to publish the magazine across Apple and Android platforms  – Rebecca Cason, Eyeline Publishing

The team at Eyeline Publishing benefited from the following features of the Liquid State Platform:

  • Code-free development: No technical coding skills are required to create and deploy an app using the Platform, allowing the Eyeline team to be self-sufficient in the creation and delivery of their app.
  • A monetised app: With the help of the Liquid State platform, the Eyeline team has monetised their content (Magazine Issues).
  • Easy to manage content: The Platform provides the flexibility and convenience to update content without going through the process of App Store submissions. As such, the Eyeline team can manage and update the content in their app without external support.
  • Speedy app development: With the Platform, the Eyeline team was able to develop and deploy their app to the app stores in less than 10 days.
  • Single source of app: The team at Eyeline only needed to create the app once using the Platform and were able to deploy the app to both the Apple App Store and Google Play across various types of devices (mobiles and tablet). This not only saved time but also improved overall efficiency for Eyeline.
  • Push notifications: The push notifications service in the Platform, with the help of a ‘badge’ icon, enables Eyeline to alert users when a new magazine issue is available.
  • Offline functionality: Native apps are created using the Platform, allowing Eyeline app users to access their favourite content offline without internet connection.

The Result

Now in Eyeline’s thirtieth year we can confidently achieve our digital publishing goals well into the future  – Rebecca Cason, Eyeline Publishing

Eyeline Publishing successfully delivered a content-rich app to their users, achieving their goal to provide an immersive and interactive in-app experience.

 The staff are very quick to respond to any questions we have and have been incredibly supportive in helping Eyeline transition into the digital realm. Interactivity and the ability to introduce video down the track is a high priority for us  – Rebecca Cason, Eyeline Publishing

Download the Eyeline Magazine app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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