Posted on April 2, 2014 in Archive

E-tailing is a simple formula, when it comes down to it


While it’s true that online retailing (or e-tailing) is a much bigger enterprise than it was ten years ago, it’s still difficult to find a giant of profitable e-tailing that isn’t everyone’s favourite frenemy, Amazon. This might be because we aren’t creating and marketing our content in a way that creates revenue. 

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Posted on March 29, 2014 in Archive

Tablet magazines: failure or future of publishing?


Late last year, Danish News Association’s chairman Jon Lund released an article “Why tablet magazines are a failure”, sparking much controversy in the digital world. His points were well argued and draw on areas that the world of digital publishing definitely needs to improve upon. But calling tablet magazines a complete failure after only three… Read more »

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Posted on March 21, 2014 in Archive

Digital publishing connects content from creators to consumers


Many great books never get published, while there are many others that maybe shouldn’t have been published at all. Determining bestsellers from the not-so-good reads is a gamble for both the author and publisher, and can cost both a lot of money – only to have the book potentially not make any sales at all…. Read more »

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Posted on March 20, 2014 in Archive

Ebook apps, know thy customer


Everybody wants to recommend you something these days. It’s a proven sales technique – how will you know you want something, if you haven’t been shown it yet? The Internet has gotten especially good at this – eBay, Amazon, basically any website that is selling something. That’s why I find it astonishing that almost no-one… Read more »

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Please stop obsessing with platforms


Since the dawn of the tablet-and-mobile-platform era, critics and so-called well informed individuals have been crying out that digital will inevitably take over the print world. But just like the infamous Video v. Radio, I don’t think that digital has delivered a knockout punch to it’s predecessor just yet. 

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Patreon is changing the crowdfunding model


A few months ago we published a blog about implementing the concept of artistic patronage, where authors are the investment for publishers, not already completed manuscripts. It would encourage long-term relationships between authors and publishers, and would probably assist in genre development. Well, good news, Patreon has started doing this! Only not just for books…

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