Posted on July 8, 2013 in Archive

We’re in the money!


Sorry for the cheesy title, but it had to be done – just like buying a gold-plated butler. That also had to be done. Jokes aside (or even included), it’s a pleasure to be making this announcement. We’ve recently been told that Liquid State has been selected to receive a AU$350,000 government grant.

Of course, saying it like that makes the whole thing seem so short and simple, but we earned that money – honest. Even after two rounds of applications, some tough decisions and an awful lot of number crunching, it seemed like the wait was the hardest part.

The grant money was only half the battle, though. At the same time, we were negotiating with several angel investors. Adding the grant to their generous, life-giving investment means we’ve raised roughly AU$785,000. I don’t want to get all Oscars-night on you, but some ‘thankyou’s are in order.

Obviously, our investors and the Australian government deserve high praise. Their generosity and good business sense (let’s not deny it) made this happen.

Also, our mentors and the other teams at Startupbootcamp Berlin 2012. Alex and Wilken did a great job of pulling together so many knowledgeable, talented and helpful people (not that they aren’t those things as well!). And, of course, our friends and families who have put up with us so successfully until now.

The sad thing for them is, there’s a lot more to come.

Investment is really just the beginning. We’ve got a lot of very exciting work ahead of us and now we have the means to do it.

That’s why I can’t buy that gold-plated butler – I’m too busy to go shopping!