Posted on April 12, 2013 in Case Studies, Liquid State News

Liquid State is the Venture Village Startup of the Week

liquid state startup of the week

I was very excited to hear European tech startup blog Venture Village wanted to feature Liquid State as their Startup of the Week. Many of the Venture Village team are, like us, Australians who love Berlin – so there’ll always be allegations of favouritism.

Nevertheless, I knew I’d feel right at home being interviewed by them, and not just because of the Australian connection! I looked through the list of startups they had previously featured and was delighted to see archify among them.

archify is a great solution for keeping track of what you see and do online. Gerald, Max and Walter – the three co-founders – gave us so much of their time while we were in Berlin. To see our name alongside theirs really is a thrill.

I loved the opportunity to talk about our experiences with development, investment and business growth and I hope other startups find my answers helpful. If I could add one more observation, it’s that startups are by their nature market leaders. Their agility allows them to adapt to, and embrace new technologies and circumstances. It’s this flexibility that allows them to compete, even in industries traditionally dominated by large companies.

That’s what I love about startups and innovators.

Speaking of which, because of my answer to the final question of the interview, the rest of the Liquid State team have started putting entries for ‘Lunch with Gutenberg’ in my Google Calendar! Oh well, at least that means they read the article.