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5 ‘Must Haves’ For Any Corporate Communications Platform

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Communication platforms are an increasingly important and powerful business tool. Successful communication strategies rely on an integrated and interactive approach. When strategising for 2017, take into account these 5 ‘must haves’ for any corporate communications platform.


#1 Third Party Integration

In order to get the most out of your communications platform, third party integration is essential. Third party integration allows businesses to connect internal and external communication channels, providing an opportunity for holistic communication strategies. From this, users experience a seamless, unified and engaging platform.

#2 Responsive Design

Due to the ever increasing popularity of technology, it is critical that communications platforms incorporate a responsive design. Adaptive displays allow users to easily view content across a range of devices, creating optimized viewing as well as a consistent and positive user experience.

#3 Personalisation

Progressive profiling provides businesses with the opportunity to understand and ‘get to know’ their users through gradually obtaining user profile information. This allows businesses to segment its communications, delivering personalised content and customising the individual user’s experience.

#4 The ‘Walled Garden’ User Experience

As mentioned above, integrations are an essential tool for any communications platform and provide businesses with the opportunity for a holistic brand presence. Equally important is in-app integration, where users experience integrations within the app. More specifically, in-app integration allows seamless integration with external resources such as social media, websites and email platforms. This offers users a greater level of connectedness whilst keeping them firmly within the ‘walled garden’ of your branded environment.

#5 Inbuilt Analytics

Inbuilt analytics are an essential tool businesses can utilise to improve their communication strategies. Analytics provide an invaluable opportunity for evaluating performance, strategy success and ROI. Inbuilt analytics allow businesses to track and measure user engagement, and can also be used to deliver personalised content based on user engagement history.

The Liquid State Solution

Integrated communications solutions built with the Liquid State Platform allow businesses to deliver omni-channel content via cross-platform apps, web, and print. Businesses can manage and deliver the right communications to the right people on the right devices.

The Liquid State Platform

The Liquid State Platform

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