Posted on May 15, 2013 in Archive

The (almost) instant federal budget analysis


Australia’s Federal Budget was announced last night. Since this is an election year, we decided to provide our Federal Budget Analysis.

However, as all of us at Liquid State discovered recently, there’s one group of people who take the budget announcement even more seriously than the political pundits do: the team at BDO Australia.

BDO’s analysts and writers watch the budget announcement in the evening and then spend all night putting together a comprehensive report on the whole thing.

The idea is to publish it as soon as possible, so that BDO’s clients can get up to speed with the changes straightaway.

Until now, BDO hasn’t had a way to publish their report to the most popular non-coffee making device at the breakfast table – the iPad. Using Liquid State, the BDO team can publish the report and notify their readers instantly. Even while they’re sleep deprived.

We’re proud to have partnered with BDO to make the Federal Budget 2013 Report and other high-quality documents available on tablets.

Check out the BDO app here.