The Brief

ENTWURFSWERK is a Dusseldorf, Germany based company providing a wide range of services within the domain of concept and design including corporate design, user-interface design, user-experience design and digital consulting.

The team at ENTWURFSWERK wanted to demonstrate their ability to create an interactive app using the Liquid State Platform for their client's sports magazine WIR IM SPORT. The challenge for ENTWURFSWERK was to retain the complex design of the magazine while making the whole user experience immersive, which they were unable to deliver using another app framework.

ENTWURFSWERK decided to leverage the Liquid State Platform as it allowed them to make their app experience immersive with interactive exhibits, illustrations, reports, pictures and videos. The Liquid State Platform supports multiple types of content including in5 content which enabled the team at ENTWURFSWERK to deliver an app that met the requirements of their client.


The App

The WIR IM SPORT 2.0 App was created by ENTWURFSWERK using the Liquid State Platform and deployed across both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

The team at ENTWURFSWERK benefited from the following features of the platform:

  • Interactive Content: As opposed to a traditional app, the WIR IM SPORT 2.0 app features interactive content. Moving panes, website links, videos and high-definition images sweep across devices in a smooth, vibrant and engaging manner.
  • Code-Free Development: No technical coding skills were required to create and deliver the app which meant that ENTWURFSWERK was self-sufficient in creating an app for their client and updating the app when necessary.
  • Easy to Manage Content: The ENTWURFSWERK team required no internal or external support to manage and update the content of the app. Since they publish 8 editions every year, this makes their job simpler to manage by updating content on their own.
  • The Speed of App Development: The entire process of app development, including getting familiar with the Liquid State Platform and submitting the app to App Stores, took less than 10 days.
  • Single Source of App: Creating the app only once using the Liquid State Platform, ENTWURFSWERK were able to release the App to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, across various types of devices. This not only saved time but also improved overall efficiency for the team.
  • Push Notifications: The push notifications service enabled ENTWURFSWERK to notify its users with the help of a “badge” icon. Using this, they can alert app users to new content that becomes available including the latest issue of the magazine, new reports and interviews etc.
  • Offline Access: This feature allows users to access their favourite content without any internet connection after downloading the content to their device.
Interactive Content Screenshots

The Result

ENTWURFSWERK was able to deliver a content-rich app and achieve their goal of providing their client with an immersive and interactive app experience. The team has worked closely with Liquid State to identify problems and solutions, developing a strong relationship with our team.

The WIR IM SPORT 2.0 App is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.



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