Posted on December 13, 2013 in Liquid State Blog, Liquid State News

Another Way to Turn Your InDesign Documents to Liquid State


From the very beginning, we’ve been about finding ways to unlock the fixed layout of Adobe InDesign documents, so they can flow easily into tablets and phones. We’re not the only ones aiming for this, but it’s always good to meet other travellers on the same quest.

Liquid State - InDesign Documents - in5 logo

Enter Ajar Productions, creators of the in5 extension for Adobe InDesign. Essentially, in5 lets you export an InDesign document as fully responsive HTML, preserving interactivity on the pages. We’ve had copies in the office since version 1 and it’s certainly a very handy tool to have around. And we’re working to make it even handier.

We’re currently beta testing the ability to turn pages exported through in5 into pages inside Liquid State publications. And so far, the results are looking good! When it’s ready, this will mean Liquid Staters can easily convert InDesign documents with existing interactivity and in5 users can easily publish their exported InDesign documents. It’s what’s traditionally called a win-win

We’re flying the functionality under the radar at the moment – in private beta – but if you’re currently using in5 and would like to try it out, drop us , or on Twitter.